Skilling Up with Exercism Challenges

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Elixir Skill Up

So you've started learning Elixir, think you know a thing or two. What next? Challenges!

Ive got a great site to share with you:

I've started using it and I'm loving it. Here's how it works:

  1. You pick a language (or languages). There are 30+ and Elixir is one of them.
  2. You setup the Exercism system on your local machine.
  3. You fetch the next challenge for your language.
  4. You come up with a solution and test it (tests are written for you).
  5. You then push the solution to your personal space.

After you push a solution, you're able to then browse solutions to that challenge that were submitted by others. You also have a direct link to your solution so you could send others there and get some feedback (there's chat threading on the page).

And you can iterate on your solution. For example, here's a solution to the Space Age challenge I did.

Space Age - Elixir

It works, but I have an idea for an improvement. Once I've made the changes to my code, I then just do another push and now my solution is updated and I get tabs to see my iterations as you see below.

Space Age Iteration - Elixir

As a newer Elixir developer, I'm finding this site very valuable (it's free too!). Over the first handful of challenges I've done, there has been a nice range of things I've needed to know (hello Elixir docs).

I recommend you check it out. I'm hoping that when I'm done, I'll go back to the beginning and see all sorts of things I could have coded much better.

If you're interested in seeing more, here's a link to my profile and challenges there: Jason A. Martin -

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Have fun!