LearnElixir.tv Video Training Service Review

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LearnElixir.tv Training Review

Status: [IN PROGRESS] Just getting started ... Last Update: August 25, 2016 Product URL: LearnElixir.tv Price: $18 one-time cost Perspective at review time: Elixir Beginner

LearnElixir.tv is one of the sites I initial found while reading through posts at ElixirForum. Initially, I had scheduled this review for late on, but I was thinking it would be great to review it while I'm reviewing a couple other services (for compare / contrast).

When you subscribe to this service you're getting access to a handful of mostly beginner-based training videos. At the time of this review there were 26 videos with a site-guarantee of 27 eventually. So all the videos are basically there and ready for you to get going.

It's worth noting that the same creator built a similar site that focuses around Phoenix at LearnPhoenix.tv. I'll be doing a review soon for this service.

I like the fact that I can download the videos from the site and watch them as I want. Huge plus to this site for doing that. Thank you!

Video Coverage

The videos are neatly organized into the following five sections:

  1. Language Basics (9 videos)
  2. Project Management (3 videos)
  3. Concurrency (6 videos)
  4. Advanced Elixir (5 videos)
  5. Appendixes (3 videos with 1 future video planned)

There are five videos listed in the advanced section:

  • Protocols
  • Behaviours
  • Exceptions
  • Macros
  • Binary Pattern Matching

Of interest to me right away are two videos in the Project Management section:

  • Mix build tool
  • Hex dependency management

Each video is generally 4 - 10 minutes based on the material covered. The one standout is the video "OTP: Applications", which is almost 42 minutes in length.

TIP: In the upper right of the video screen is a purple hamburger icon (you may need to hover over the video to reveal it). Click that hamburger icon to reveal a right sidebar, which will show you upcoming topics in the video and it will allow you to skip right to specific section.

Learn Elixir

Initial impressions

You need to login with GitHub in order to purchase, which I didn't like. This is just a personal thing, but as a consumer, I don't like logging in with 3rd party credentials to sites (Twitter, GitHub, Facebook, etc). I'd rather make an account just for the site with site-only credentials.

Additionally, you'll need to use a CC or BitCoin. You can't use PayPal, which is my preferred method of paying (I don't like entering Credit Card information all over the place). And again, this isn't a knock on the site, but rather my own personal preferences. I'm still going to sign up and do this review. :)

Ok, personal stuff aside, after purchasing you're dropped right into the member's area and can start watching videos. The overall buying purchase is fine.

I like the the video has show notes as well as any relevant links (including a slides PDF).

The first video is mainly about the history of Erlang and Elixir. Call me nuts, but I think all "you're brand-new to the language" training series should start with some history and perspective. So kudos here for starting this way.

Another nice feature is that each video is on its own page with a discussion section below.

The video & audio quality is very good. And the information transfer and clarity is good too.

The first videos I watched were all "to the point" videos. There isn't some "to-do" app or whatever being coded along side the learning so far.

Middle Impressions

At close to the middle point I can say that I'm quite pleased with the training videos. While some of them could have been fleshed out slightly more, they are all enough for the experienced dev to get the basic concept and explore. Right now I'm training from a few sources and really think these videos are helping cement in some core concepts.

I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the videos, including the more advanced ones.

Final Thoughts

-- coming once I finish all the videos