Getting Started with Game Modding Europa Universalis 4 - Part Four

Picture shows Jason A. Martin - Software Engineer, Indie Game Developer, Tech Evangelist, Entrepreneur.

It's payoff time. In Getting Started with Game Modding Europa Universalis 4 - Part Three we dealt with localisation to get text setup for our event. Now, all the work we did to make this mod is about to show up in game.

Mod Activation Testing

If you have all the files complete and in their proper file locations, you're now ready to test this mod out.

The first thing we need to do is start the game and go to the mod tab. You should see Unicorn listed (see picture below). You need to click on it to activate it (a checkmark should appear).

If you don't see the unicorn mod listed, it means your mod files are not in the right location, not correct or both.

Also, if you have a red exclamation point in a circle as I do in my screenshot, it's ok. For this tutorial we didn't set a minimum game version, but this mod will still work since I'm using older commands.

picture showing unicorn mod activation in EU4

You can see from the picture that I have the Unicorn mod listed under Mods and have activated it.

Once you have this step done, it's time for excitement.

It's Game Time!

Let's see this baby in action.

After activating the mod, click play and then single player. Select any any nation and begin the game.

Once time gets going, our Unicorn event should pop in a couple moments.

Here's a screen of the blessed event!

picture showing unicorn mod in EU4


Should you be making your own events and they don't appear to be working, you can test that are loaded correctly, by firing them from the console.

Hit the tilde (~) to bring up the console.

Type in "event YOUREVENTID" to fire it.


event UNICORN.1

If the event doesn't fire and you have the right ID, it means your event isn't loaded into the game properly.

picture showing unicorn mod in EU4 fired with console command

There's a lot you can do with EU4 game mods, but this series should have lit the pathway going forward. Now you know how to put your ideas into the needed files and get that idea actually in the game. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started and figuring out what goes where.

From here, I'd head over to EUIV WIKI - Modding and start browsing all the things you can manipulate in the game.

I hope this series has helped you and remember to support Paradox Interactive when you can. The world is full of enough shooter games. We need more thinking games! :)