Good JavaScript Resources

version: 1.0

last update: 09-20-2018.

While there are tons of resources out there for JavaScript there are a handful that I go back to often and consider good. This is a list of those resources.


Mozilla Developer Network

A great resource with technical details and examples. It really should be on every dev's bookmark list.


JavaScript Jabber Podcast

I've listened to this podcast on and off for years. It's always entertaining and they have on great guests. If you commute at all, I highly recommend putting this in your rotation. And if you don't commute, find the time. :)


You Don't Know JS

I highly recommend reading the YDKJS series from Kyle Simpson. It's great stuff. The link will take you to the GitHub version, but it's also available at book retailers. I've bought them all and they are worth it.



Frontend Masters

For frontend training, this is my goto source. It's just FE and it's full of greatness.

It's $39 a month, but once a year (I believe) there's a year special that knocks the price down by about 40%. The membership model now is so good. I used to pay extra $$ for workshops, but now it's all included.

Honestly, this is one place where I don't even care if I get a discount (I do like money, so I'll take it though).



Egghead has been another site that I've subscribed to on and off over the years. It's different from FEM in that it's more bite-sized nuggets than anything else.

Also with Egghead, you're going to get more of the "cut-to-the-chase and get it done" training verses FEM, which has bigger courses that go "under the hood" and into more detail. This is why for me they work well in tandem.


Pluralsight is yet another site I've subscribed to often (seeing a theme here?). As it pertains to JavaScript, I prefer FEM and then Egghead. But unlike those two, PS is more of an "all the tech things" place and so there's a ton of stuff to dive into, which is why I use it.

There's always room for a generalist training source. :)


As far as social media goes, Twitter is the only one I really pay attention to. I have a handful of lists that help me get the most out of it. For example, I have a lists that are just companies, just JS devs, just Columbus, just game companies, etc.

When setup right you can get some good value out of Twitter. It helps me keep up with what the industry is doing and to learn about cool projects.

Here's a list of some of the handles that will get you started:

  • @electronjs - Electron
  • @code - Visual Studio Code
  • @babeljs - Babel
  • @vuejs - Vue.JS
  • @reactjs - ReactJS
  • @JS_Cheerleader - JavsScript feed.
  • @FrontendMasters - FEM
  • @typescriptlang - TypeScript
  • @JavaScriptDaily - JS Daily feed
  • @FrontendDaily - FE Daily feed
  • @npmjs - NPM
  • @nodejs - NodeJS
  • @getbootstrap - Bootstrap
  • @jsconf - JS Conf feed
  • @mozilla - Mozilla
  • @w3c - W3C
  • @github - GitHub
  • @firefox - Firefox
  • @googlechrome - Chrome
  • @microsoftedge - Edge