About Me

About Me - Jason A. Martin

Jason A. Martin - Software Engineer, Entrepreneur & Tech Evangelist

My name is Jason A. Martin and I've been a software developer for over 24 years. It all started back years before that when I bought a Vic 20 from my Grandfather and began to play around with code from magazines. I started designing up ideas for my games and began figuring out what code was and how to make it work for me.

Eventually, I started developing for the Web in 1994 and over the years I've largely used fun stuff, such as:

  • Linux
  • Frameworks galore (When someone sneezes, a new JavaScript framework is born)
  • Perl (cgi-bin for the win)
  • PHP (started with PHP3)
  • JavaScript (I love it and don't you judge me)
  • Python (more of a dev who uses Python then a dedicated PyDev)
  • Ruby (same as Py)
  • ASP (old school, not the hipster .NET stuff)
  • ActionScript / Flash
  • Visual Basic
  • Java (some)
  • Elixir
  • and so on ...

I wish I still had a copy of my first web page. I wrote it in Notepad and it seemed to have taken days to make. It had "WELCOME" in flashing text, had a green background, had a picture of a Borg from Star Trek (because they rock) and talked about the future of the world or something.

More Than Code

As you may notice from my site, aside from coding, I love Linux, information security, and just about anything IT related. Even though I spend most of free time coding, configuring, testing, hacking and discovering, I still only know a little fraction of the IT knowledge pie. I wish I knew it all.

Shortly after I got started professionally, I decided to move away from someone else's hosting (Earthlink.net, etc) and I got a machine (freeBSD) connected to the Internet via a T1 (yeah, it was expensive). This was about 1995. I knew nothing about what a server actually was, how to make one or anything. All I knew is I was at a command prompt and needed to show things to people on a website. I was tired of the dreded tilde url.

And so my baptism by fire began. I quickly learned Unix (hahah ok, enough to get things moving) and spent many years in the joy that is building Apache from scratch (along with PHP/MySql). While it was great back then, I sure do appreciate today's life of spinning up machines in seconds.

Later I learned more about security as some fun stuff went down (redacted. :D).

Learning For Life

As a side note, I'm self-taught and a lifelong learning. I consider myself one of those lucky people who gets to work with their passion/hobby. I'm a nut who gladly drops money all the time on books/training. I honestly don't know what I'd do if the world was suddenly without tech. Most likely I'd be trying to figure out how to optimize the delivery of goods via raidroad or a government spy (still dream of being with the DoD, NSA and so on).

Aside from reading books (I try to read 20-40 nonfiction books per year), here are some other sources I use and you may want to look into:

Yesterday's challenge was finding any information at all. Today's challenge is filtering through the noise to find quality information.

I hope this site will end up helping someone other than myself.

Code on!